Thursday, 30 July 2015

Launching 'Polders & Pins'

Buitenwegse molens at Oud Zuilen, Utrecht

Let's go, here is my first post, on life below sea level just South of Amsterdam and about creative passions.
Being proud to be Dutch I start with the picture of windmills in the area, which I used to pass on my way to work every day. They always caught my eye. At times I jumped on my bicycle for a river tour and saw them from nearby. Up until now the interior still has to be visited - being always there at the wrong time and finding the door closed! It is only recently that I discovered the windmilss are almost at the backyard of Castle Zuylen, close to Utrecht. Amazing how you can zoom by and never be aware of what is beyond the horizon!
It is a bit like this new blog - a journey beyond the horizon, about my interests and passions.
Like to follow me and discover?! Thanks for stopping by.

If you want a closer look at these colourful windmills have a look at this: Really beautiful!
Could be me zooming by on the motorway, who knows?

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