Sunday, 11 December 2016

How many pincushions can you have??

Pincushions are such adorable things to make.
There are many of them flying about: one in the bedroom with pins and needles to do a quick repair on clothing, one in my sewing box, one in my quilting box, a big one next to the sewing machine and just many more because they were just fun to make and an exercise to try out patchwork.
The one on show here is one of my latest. Visiting the webshop of Atelier Soedidee formed the inspiration to work out the scheme for this one. So much fun to dig into the box with red materials and finding little scraps. Pinterest helps you out in finding just thát particular embroidery picture you are looking for.

As the project progressed I kept changing things, as I did not like the results of chosen fabrics and matching colours. At first I used the beads to fill in the 'yellow' cross stitches in the strawberry, but then removed them as it was no good, yellow cross stitch was better. I bought a gorgeous charm for it (a flower basket) and removed it twice, leaving it out altogether in the end. The lace strap was also a matter of choice: how to apply it? It ended up cut up in three parts and placed on the front and the back.

The monogram laundry label is a vintage one. In the middle. I embroidered a tiny flower. It moved from the front to the back. The flower silk strip is a remnant out of my grandma's sewing box. She would love seeing the result using it in this pincushion!
The rig rag is also vintage, silky and shiny, just like the flower ribbon.
My darling husband shook his head, listening to my moaning and groaning on my creation, but always happily prints out my plans and pictures and cheers when all is beautiful and finished..
I wanted the butterfly 'straight' on the square, but as it was not on the right grain of the material it did end up just 2 millimeters out of tune. How perfect do you want it all to be??!!

The beads have been sitting there for quite a while as a biscornu is still on the 'to do and try out list', the bottom with beads and the top with bumble bees. Well, they became part of this pincushion and the sparkle of them enlightens the whole pincushion.
To work with I usually put the beads on a deep soup plate and a tray, but this time it happened twice that my work load ended all over the table and then on the floor ...... My oh my, they are so tiny and really go all over the place.
There was this friend's remark buzzing in my head: 'a pincushion needs a loop'. So, then the boxes with little gimmicks came out. My friend gave me a parcel once with an alfabet ribbon. The width just fitted on the spool and the left over will be so much fun to use in another project.
Altogether it took me a fortnight on fiddling around with my pin cushion (mind you, not all day!) and now so many words on it, but it is sweet and adorable and I am totally in love with it. Especially with the back of it somehow! Is that not strange?!
On the rig rag I tried out some embroidery stitches - zoom in to have a closer look.
The main fabric at the back is a scrap from the windmill embroidery in my earlier posts.
The hobby corners of the Wibra and the Action shops are magnets for me: that is where I found the button, the flower and the spools
Many more pincushions to come in future posts!


  1. So great to see a post from you today! I love your newest pincushion have such a talent for selecting fabrics and colours that compliment each other! Wonderful job my friend...

  2. Wat leuk dit bericht over speldenkussens.
    Ja ik heb er ook een paar, zelf gemaakt en nog een hele mooie gemaakt door mijn moeder.
    Momenteel probeer ik weer te borduren en met de hulp van een nieuwe bril lukt dit aardig.
    Heel fijn weekend,