Monday, 28 March 2016

Bunny ears to listen

Once you have found out the trick how to fold your serviette to get this result, it is of course very tempting to try it out with other serviettes also. These ones are squares of approximately 25 cm and held together with a small silver serviette holder. The serviettes are part of a small and a large beautifully appliqued table clothes with pink shaded flowers, handmade and embroidered by busy Chinese hands. They will all return in a future post, as they deserve a post on their own.

After having eaten yesterdays Easter eggs in the gingham serviettes I have filled the serviettes this morning with wooden eggs and put them in a basket as a table arrangement. Once that you get going on this (project to remember for next year) you could use artificial eggs just the same - they are on sale everywhere and easy on the budget. However, I just loved using the shiny coloured real ones inside.

The Easter bunny has ears, large ears, ears to listen and in fact tells us this:

There is a severe storm forecasted, grey skies, the rain drops are plentiful on these daffodils on the garden table. They are such a cheery sight from the dining room. A day for cocooning and a day to sit down and drop my long ear on the phone, calling people I have not spoken to for a long time.

This is a sweet not too large very cheery spring bouquet I got first thing in the morning last Saturday. I personally would never mix daffodils with tulips or any other flowers, but it was just so pretty I gave it try and thought it would last over Easter anyhow. Have a look at the remarkable ranunculus: in the middle there is a green part that grows longer and longer as the flower opens up. Like seaweed almost, really funny.

Happy Easter Monday

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  1. How sweet is that?! What a cute Easter decoration Jacoba...