Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Hearts at the florist today

The heart of our laburnum tree. The tree decided to fall down when full in bloom, leaving us this heart.

Tiny heart at the festive windmill decoration. Just a few stitches can be so meaningful.

Love this heart at my unfinished 'Peace' sheep

This year's challenge will be to embroider a Russian heart with beads (perles brodées) and to make a sampler with minute hearts. There are some lovely examples on internet, in the form of a book or as a 'leporello'. I never heard of this before: it is a book that you fold up and tie together with a ribbon. When you search at Pinterest for  'embroidery sample books' you will be amazed to see such wonderful samples. There are so many creative women in the world making such beautiful items.
I inherited my mother's and my friend's embroidery material. It took me nearly a year (on and off) to organize it all. On little cartons and in boxes. It will be so much fun though to make a sample book in the way which is shown on this blog:

Apart from the pretty embroidered page with little hearts there is this wonderful Excel sheet which you can download. 
Merci beaucoup, Pastel49!

In addition I would like to add this entry on internet, giving all the exotic names of DMC embroidery floss: 

Such a job to create this list! Thank you, too!

Well, and this is my today's Cupid, all curled up on my patchwork pillows.

Happy Valentines!


  1. Well "Hello" sweet Floris! You are very talented Cootje and your needlework is so pretty! We hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

  2. Oh een dag te laat, maar wat een leuk bericht! Overal hartjes!
    Ja al die handwerkspulletjes van onze moeders, ik blijf mij erover verbazen, iedere keer vind ik weer wat en krijg ik weer nieuwe ideetjes. Jouw schaapje is toch bijna af ?
    En jouw Cupid, zo lief .....

    Veel liefs en zonneschijn,

  3. Heerlijk om zoveel hartjes te zien! :-)