Sunday, 28 February 2016

A bit more of yesterday

The frosty morning is slowly changing into once more a beautiful sunny day. A wonderful chance to go outside and get the spring feeling, do a bit of gardening, turn my face to the sun, make a long walk with the dog in the crisp air. However, yesterday's architecture is still lingering on my mind and the pictures taken asking for another post. With Picasa it is so much fun to edit your pictures and search for interesting details. The pictures are taken with my mobile, in a way limited in options. My aim of the day was getting a new computer, not an architectural visit for which my Canon camera would have been the approriate thing to take with me. One thing at a time!

The picture above is a detail of the picture in the previous post with the Cool Blue 'Tasje' ('little' bag). Our visit was too short to tell you what the building with the 'formulas' or 'letters' holds. To me the letters reminded me of mathematical formulas, typed with an IBM golf ball type writer, breaking a tooth of the golf ball and not being able to finish the formula. The letters of this building were reflected on the building opposite, the 'New Amsterdam' building (luxury living).


This morning I have been doing a bit of background research on the architecture. Sometimes 9 architects worked together on one particular design.
The choices of materials are endless.

It was late in the afternoon when we were there, the bright light already changing, the setting sun still catching various parts of the buildings.
Very much inviting to go back for an architectural visit.

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