Monday, 15 February 2016

At the exhibition

Although the exhibition was nearly a year ago, it is still nice to show you today a few things that really caught my eye. Don't you think it is an adorable little baby bed? Such a gorgeous quilt cover and lace trimmed sheet! It is part of the museum farm's permanent exhibition. The little quilt certainly holds Hanneke's signature by the looks of the choice of colour and the way it has been quilted.

The changing exhibitions are on the first floor, which they call the 'hay stack'. I just love the place and the environment.

As a dachshund lover I truly admired the quilt below, giving away the character of a dachshund so well. Our dachsie tends to lie in his basket and observe us just like the one pictured in the block. Cheeky little devils, but so affectionate and so adorable and therefore  so worthwhile to design and make a quilt on.

'De teckeltjes Quilt' by Betty Lexmond, pattern by Wendy Vosters

Frogs are plentiful in our pond, so the pattern of the quilt below came home with me during my visit to Hanneke's atelier, after having seen it in her summer house and at this exhibition. My mind started spinning on my scraps, nevertheless it was an excuse to say 'I am a bit low on my greens' - and an invitation to stock up and get some batiks. We have plans on a summer house on a spot where we can sit in the sunset. This quilt would do so nicely on one of the walls.

A nicely worked out QNM pattern, by Hanneke
My oh my, women around the world are so creative - I come across such beauties everyday, both in real life and on internet. At the moment I keep my plans on small projects only.

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