Monday, 15 February 2016

A hole in the barn door

Half a year later after my visit to the Quiltatelier there was a reason for yet another trip to the polder north of Utrecht. The destination was really the quilt exhibition at the Museum Vredegoed, but the barns outside of the farmhouse asked for a closer look just the same. It was spring, there was a separate barn with lambs and another barn with a noisy lot of sheep. The hay wreaths on each side of the barn door looked gorgeous, such a great and effective idea.

The images started to tumble through my head and there it was: inspiration for a block to give away for the car cover project! ‘A hole in the barn door’ seemed just perfect for my contribution.

The drawing of the pattern was easy, but to find the matching scraps was more difficult. You can have stacks and stacks of scraps and still not find what you really want to use. Besides I wanted to express the farm scene. My husband’s blue shirt and his old jeans were victim of my plans. There was a slight curve in the double stitched side seem, there was not much material to use in that particular piece of the block in order to keep the piece straight on the grain, and the shirt material was fraying rapidly. With the lesson in mind that at least one colour should return in another piece the block turned out like this, the colours of the centerpiece led to the use of the other colours.

It was impossible to make a choice: either the 'apples' or 'the hole in the barn door' were going to be handed to Hanneke. In the end I decided to give her both.
The colours are less vibrant than the apple block.When I look at it I hear the sheep! A nice memory of a visit to a lovely farmhouse museum with its changing exhibitions. The permanent exhibition is on rural life in that area. The history of the house is told by enthousiastic volunteer guides. Stories of a tough life in the polder.

With so many blocks in the project it was quite a search to find mine. Again a relief that no scissors had been put in the block, which had been hand pieced and taken me quite some time. The pictures hardly reveal the incredible work that has been done by all contributors. Beads, embroidery, appliqué, humorous preprinted scenes, just anything is in the cover. It will be on show again during the Patchwork and Quiltdays at Rijswijk from 8-10 April next. It is so worthwhile to study every individual block from nearby and to have a good look at all the techniques used. It has been put together in such an ingenious way and with such pretty borders.

The front of the car, with Hanneke's 'signature'

Hanneke awarded 10 prizes on the project. I was so lucky to win one!! A copy of Quiltmania and a gift voucher, beautifully wrapped up and so much fun to open up. 


  1. Another great quilt square Jacoba! I am so glad you are enjoying quilting and can't wait to see your next project.

  2. Zou de auto zo af en toe rondrijden met deze prachtige hoes en al die inspirerende blokken?