Saturday, 27 February 2016

Blue skies up above

After a lot of deliberation the moment was there: getting myself a new computer. In my previous one all the pictures got lost and with the present one I kept being thrown out because the system did not agree with Windows10. Really awful, when you are all in the mood to be creative. Nevertheless it has been a good companion for a few years.  The same feeling as getting myself a new car hit me: I don't really want to part with something that worked well for me for so long, and therefore the decision making took time.

These days you can work out on line what suits you best, but with all this on line shopping I must say I still want to see and touch the real thing. Off we went to the computer shop on this splendid sunny Saturday to the South axe of Amsterdam, called in Dutch 'Zuidas'. Known elsewhere in the world as the 'Financial Mile' - the trade and business center of Amsterdam.

Having done the first gardening of this year in the sunshine in the morning, on barefeet in flip flops and wearing a cardigan, it invited me to leave my coat at home on my trip to Amsterdam, and just to take a woollen handknitted long scarf just in case the late afternoon would cool down.This was a big mistake as the icy Northern wind around the corners of the big towers blew us to bits. A wall to wall blue sky formed a terrific background for the creative and colourful architecture.

Not visiting the place every day, we were fascinated to see the changes in the area. There is so much being built still, it will change in time rapidly. Huge cranes and half finished buildings all around, designed by competing architects.

It did not take long to get my stuff. The blue sky no doubt inspired me to get a Delft blue sleeve, which  was added to the huge shopping bag, carrying the name 'Tasje' (= Little Bag). Hilarious!, nothing small about this bag, beautifully orange inside. The plastic carrier bag issue at the moment is a source of creativity for designers on paper bags!

We discussed what the vibes of this environment did with us. Both we said: it feels like Paris, New York. Being a senior citizen I felt envious of the young people who work in this dynamic world and wished I could turn back the clock and take part in it.
There were other parts of Amsterdam to visit today so this was all for now: New Amsterdam! And back home a new computer to install!

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