Sunday, 27 March 2016

Bunnies on a string and vintage table linen

These irresistable bunnies on a string were found at 'Dille & Kamille'. They dangle happily amongst the wooden Easter eggs and fluffy chickens from my Easter floral arrangement, made with blossoms and spring greens from the garden.They are so cute!

Easter breakfast just asks for pretty table linens, and for just anything that looks like spring and is colourful. My dear blogfriend Wanda sent me this very pretty hand embroidered table linen from Canada. It is square, approximately 90 x 90 cm, and just nicely fits a setting for two, on top of another bigger table cloth.The colours are very appealing and blend in with almost any plates used. Cannot decide whether I see yellow tulips or other yellow summery flowers?

The well finished reverse side
The stitcher is unknown, and as a tribute to the lady who made it (and to Wanda, of course!) I am posting it on here. It has been made with so much care and fine stitches, well finished on the reverse and a hand stitched hem in a beige colour. Can you just imagine how she sat down and embroidered this, thinking of spring and summer coming up, thinking of the moments she was going to use this? Well, it has become one of my favourites, as apart from being used at Easter it also is a nice asset on the garden table in the summer.

The hem stitch is intriguing, it is definitely made by hand, but I have to work out how it is done.
There were other things that hopped along with me apart from the bunnies when I was in town: charming little moulds for frying your eggs in a bunny shape and little cookie moulds to try out one's kitchen skills. I have never made cookies myself ever yet! On the news yesterday it was mentioned that it was remarkable that in the supermarkets we seemed to have bought a lot of stuff for home bakery, more than ever before.

This morning I found the way to fold serviettes like a bunny on Pinterest. You fold the points of a square to the middle line, fold both parts once more to the middle line, fold double, tie up in the middle and place your Easter egg in it and pull the ears into place. Voilá!, your Easter bunny. I used a paper serviette, but any linen serviette will make it look even greater.

The cookies still have to be tried out. A project for Easter Monday.

The recipe for the oeufs en cocotte has been tried out: delicious! - leek, green herbs, Parmezan cheese, creme fraiche, eggs. Very easy, but I found it tricky to remove everything from the oven, as the 'cocottes' float in piping hot water. I will have a go at it again, but will then put a lid on and will place it straight into the oven. And who knows, I might even be trying to get the bunny form with the special mould!

Happy Easter to you all!

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  1. Happy Easter! We are so glad you are enjoying the hand stitched luncheon cloth... Your little bunnies are adorable as well...great find! Have a wonderful week!