Friday, 4 March 2016

Friday - gardening time

Slot Zuylen tulips
Last year these gorgeous tulips were blooming just outside the Museum Café of Slot Zuylen. There are many reasons to visit the authentic castle often, it is a lovely relaxed and quiet place. The organized open days have a lot to offer, products from the castle garden and things from the area. Very worthwhile visiting and always very inviting to return to, for both the castle and the activities.

The entrance tower of  'Slot Zuylen'
It was my plan to garden today and do something with the tulip bulbs, which got lost and found in the garage. However, snowflakes and rain drops are taking it in turn today.

Not very inviting - the daily long walk with the dog will be the only outdoor activity. The tulips were on sale during the spring 'open day', but where oh where did I put them away in the garage?

The garage should hold our cars, but in winter it gets rather stuffed up with garden furniture and boat things, leaving my car frosted over outside! It is also the last station of things that should be taken to the thrift store. In other words: it is more of a warehouse, where it is difficult to move around and find things, than a place to protect your car from the awful weather. As winter slowly passes by one's eye moves from the Christmas decorations put away there on the shelves to the summer stuff. And there it was on the wall, my eyes caught the bag with tulips, put up on a hanger with a garden light guirlande and hidden behind the garden door stop. I seem to have a selective eye over the season, ignoring what is not necessary at the very moment. Of course it is rather late to plant the tulips, maybe flower pots would be the best idea for the upcoming season? In autumn they can get a definite place elsewhere in the garden.

Maybe planning and getting organized is gardening, too?
Some terracotta pots burst in the winter, although we did not have a lot of frost. The broken pots were a reason to do market research and see how they could be replaced. Garden centers and Ikea happily catch on to our need of getting the spring fever. The huge pinkish red pots were really shouting at me 'take me home, take me home' yesterday. The idea on the left can easily be copied with the cache pots already bought at Ikea at an earlier stage and being part of the garage scene.

It is so inviting to start gardening! But not this Friday with its rain and snowflakes. Hopefully there will be many happy spring moments in the garden soon.

Below a picture of the other tea towel I talked about in the previous post. My mother seems to have used it more then the Tuesday one, there is a nasty tear in the left upper corner. On this website you can read a lot on the creative work and designs made:  Milvia. When I see all the tea towels I wonder why I did not get the whole week range? This is the fun of internet - you can find everything and enjoy everything on line. I shall enjoy the real one until it really falls apart; for the moment both act as throwovers and are eye catchers as such.

'Friday - gardening' - designed by Milvia

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  1. Hello Cootje... Hopefully there will be time on the weekend for you to plant your tulip bulbs. The bright red pots are lovely and I can see why they called for you to bring them home.
    We look forward to visiting the Slot when we return in 2017!
    What a treasure to have your Mother's tea towels...I must get posting about mine as well..I have located two more that were done by my Grandmother... so excited to share those photos with you. Have a wonderful day my friend!