Sunday, 13 March 2016

The twisty tail of March

We have this expression in Holland when the weather is unpredictable in March: 'Maart roert zijn staart' - 'March twists its tail'.
Although glorious sunshine warms us up during the day, the nights are still cold. On opening up the door to the garden there is always frost and a car that needs window scraping (which is one of the most irritating jobs ever).
On various blogs, but also in the window panes of a few local shops, the snowmen are still on show in March. My little snowmen light holders are the last ones to be put away and to be exchanged for Easter bunnies.
March surprised us plentiful these last days: lightning and thunder out of the blue, making us jump off our chairs and not returning, just that one big bang. Hale, snow, risk of ice, it was all there.
Although the itch to go outside is strong, the temperature still asks for indoor living and making the house warm, cooking nice warm dishes.
This snowman looks (and is) cold, but its heart makes you melt: delicious soft and runny chocolate. It makes a nice base for a desert in wintertime and can be worked around with so many different additional things. Extra vitamines on this occasion. Only sold as 'season food', it disappears once the festive season is over, just like snow - all of a sudden you cannot find it anymore on the shelves in the shops freezer.

The red gingham table cloth was made in the '70s, set off with a white rig rag stitched hem. It blends in with many occasions and many different meals. It is starting to show its use after so many years and I will be sorry to part with it. Time to make a new one, and maybe a different colour.

Now that King Winter is disappearing quickly, it is time to get started in the garden. The gourds on display on the garden table have to make place for daffodils, spring baskets with blue bells, fresh herbs. Warm food and hot soups will still be the thing though, using herbs from the garden that lasted through winter and were strong enough to survive in the frost.

Royal Pip under plate, Rosenthal Maria Weiss china
Have you ever made a whole green dinner? Consisting of a green starter, green soup, green jelly salad, green pasta, green desert with pistache ice cream? You can really live it up over Easter - once that you start thinking about this and go through your recipes you will be surprised what comes up.

Good bye, King Winter! Hello Spring!
The browns of winter have changed into greens,
colour is returning all over the place.

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  1. What a sweet little snowman! He sounds so yummy too... Happy Spring! The sun is supposed to be out here all next week so all the trees and blooms that have not bloomed yet will burst with colour..
    Hugs from the wet West Coast of Canada